How To create a Website Business

In this post, you will get complete information on how to create a professional website from scratch.

7. Sep 2022
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How To create a Website Business


Do you want to create a commercial website in a professional way that helps you in promotion your business?

The idea of ​​creating a website has become a goal for many people, whether designing an integrated website for a profit or an introductory purpose for a company or organization.



In the last years, many young people and business owners are planning to go to work on the Internet professionally.

Therefore, the step of designing a free or paid website is an attractive choice to achieve satisfactory profits for them. 

So, in this post, you will get complete information on how to create a professional website from scratch.

With many years of experience in the field of web design, I will present it to you in this article in addition to answering any questions in the comments.



You will find in the post an explanation of what are the basics that must be available in order to create and operate a commercial website on the Internet.

And how to think with the mentality of professionals in choosing the website system and establishing it in an organized manner in order to obtain good profits.

Even the idea of ​​​​designing a WordPress site, we will talk about it in this article and explain how to apply it in the right way.

I advise you to read the article until the end to get all the information and leave your comment on what you see incomprehensible and I will reply to you. 



Table Of Contents:

      How much creating a website costs

      How to make a professionnal website

      Best way to create a website



How much does it cost to create a website?

If you are looking to create a business website or a professional blog, it must be paid.

Where the cost of creating a website ranges from the size of your choice of the three main elements, which we will talk about in the next lines.

Therefore, we will talk here about how to create a website or even a blog at the lowest costs, and through the following lines you will understand how the prices for designing a website on the Internet are calculated.

And after this paragraph, I will present to you the best solution to create a professional website at prices starting from only $2.95.


How does a professionnal website work?

Creating a professional website requires 3 basic and indispensable points

        1. Buy Domain Name.

        2. Buy a hosting Plan.

        3. Choose the type of website “Website Plate Form”.


These points are essential and it is not possible to create a website without one of them at all.

Below is a detailed explanation of each point and how I can take advantage of it and choose it professionally.


1: What is a domain name?

The domain or (domain) is the address of your website on the Internet, such as:

Yourname: is the name of the website which you will choose

.com is the most famous extension of website while there are other extensions as .org and .net

Domain prices range from $10 to $12 annually.


2: What is web hosting?



Web hosting is the service of operating a website on the Internet by storing files on a web server .

So that anyone from around the world can access your website after typing the domain name in the browser.

And hosting is a service provided by web hosting companies for monthly or annual rent according to the web hosting offers available on their site.

Therefore, you will need to rent hosting to upload your website to it with the renewal of the subscription according to the agreed contract.

Otherwise, the company may prevent you from accessing your account and your site will be closed completely and you cannot access the site files again.

Choosing hosting is the most important step in creating a website for life, and I will explain below the most important factors that I should focus on as a beginner I want to choose a suitable hosting that helps me create my own website.  


Factors for choosing the best web hosting:


  • The servers that you are hosting must be of high potential. 

  • The site owner must ensure the speed of his communication with the technical support of the hosting company, whether through e-mail or a dedicated chat to receive any inquiries or complaints. 

  • The hosting company must keep pace with all developments in the field by adding all the capabilities that help increase the speed of the site. 

  • One of the most important factors that you must ensure before starting to work with any hosting company, especially if this is the first time dealing, is the possibility of refunding money in the event that you do not want to continue working with these hostings. 

  • You must make sure that there are some of the advantages that most hosting companies provide free of charge that save the site owner a lot of costs such as: free domain, free site transfer, free advertising coupons, free backup.



Note: The best hosting provider which i use for years and consider as the fastest and secure one is GREENGEEKS, you can Check for their offers Here:




3: Choose the type of site

When creating a website, you must choose the type of website carefully, I mean the website platform type here.

And to shorten the time, you can use WordPress to create a free website, whatever the idea of ​​the WordPress site is capable of implementing. You can learn more about what is WordPress in Youtube, you will find a tones of tutorials about it.



The Best Way to Create a Website:

 As i mentioned earlier, to create a website you need the 3 main things; Domain name, Hosting and platform which it will be wordpress. It seems complicated right? well, i have a great new for you. In this section i will give you one place where you can build your website including the 3 main ingredients for making website, we will use Greengeeks as the best and secure hosting plan i used so far.


1. Enter in the official Greengeeks website from HERE 

 2. Click on Get Started Now as shown in the following image



3. Choose a hosting package or plan that suits you. It is preferable to choose the Lite plan by beginners.



4. see the following picture:

Where you need to type the domain you want to reserve and then press the Next button.

Note : If the domain you wrote is reserved by someone else, the phrase Domain is not available will appear. Please try another domain name.

This means that you have to search or write a different domain.





 5. Enter your personal data accurately to confirm your ownership of the domain and also enter the payment data as in the following two images:



  • Street name or address : Write like this Ahmed St, replacing Ahmed with the name of the street in which you live.

  • Postal code : It is for your area and you can search for it via Google or contact the postal service in your area.

  •  International code : It is the digital prefix that is present before the number to call it from outside the country. And you can search for the international code for your country through Google as well.





Choose the purchase period from the Account Plan option, preferably one year.

From Server Location, choose one of the following so that if most of your site visitors are from:

  • Arab countries, Europe, Asia or all of them, choose Europe

  • America choose United States

  • Canada Choose Canada

Uninstall the paid add-on service ID Protect - WHOIS Privacy by clicking on the small box.

Fill in your bank card information, regardless of its type, as shown in the previous image.

Click on the Create Account button, and the amount will be deducted from the card


6. Immediately after payment, you will be directed to a page indicating that the purchase order was made


7. You will receive a message to your e-mail containing comprehensive information about your account, including username, website link, password, FTP account and other information.

And you can install the program or script you want from the Softaculous 



Conclusion of Creating a Website:

Before you start implementing the design of the site or buying anything, you must start with proper planning by writing some questions and answering them, such as.


Why should I have a website and what is the purpose of the site's content?

What is the content plan that I will implement within the site and how long will I need?

What are the resources or profit method that I will rely on for profits after creating the site?

How much time can I spend per day managing and developing the site?

You must write such questions and answer them honestly so that you can implement all the steps of creating an integrated website optimally.


This is what professionals always do before starting a new website design, and it is considered an integrated plan to ensure the success of the website in the shortest time.



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